Phone Interview

1.     Smile.

This is very very important. Even the interviewer may not see your face, but he can sense it if you smile. And it makes you comfortable during the interview. Once you are comfortable in the interview, then youwill give the right answers in the interview.

2.      Be confident.

The interviewer will see whether you are confident or not before he assess you technically. This one quality(confidence) will get you all the qualities you need to succeed in the interview. If you are not confident, then act confident. Eventually you become confident.

3.      Be Enthusiastic.

The client likes to hire enthusiastic people. If 2 or 3 candidates have equal technical skills, then he will go for an
enthusiastic guy. If you are not enthusiastic, you act enthusiastic. Eventually you become enthusiastic.

4.      Always feel that two important people are talking on telephone during
the interview.

The client is important to you since he is going to give the project to you if he likes you. At the same time you are also important to the client since you have to do the project for him.

5.      Do pray for 5 to 10 minutes before the interview.

That makes you cool and confident.

6.      Always believe that you deserve that project and you can do it.

Itis not a big deal.

7.      Write a paragraph of 5 to 10 sentences for each bullet point in your resume.

And make questions and practice answers by yourself. This gives more confidence before and during the interview.

9.      Always call the interviewer by name many times during the interview.
This is very important. By doing this, you can develop good rapport with the interviewer. Realize that his/her name is the sweetest sound to anybody. If you are not clear about his name, then ask the spelling of his name and
write it down on a paper with big letters thereby you can easily see it during the interview. In fact, the interviewer feels good about himself when you ask like that.

10.     Ask some questions to the interviewer at the end of the interview.
You can say like this. “I have some questions for you. Can I ask?” For example, you can ask the following questions. ” What is my specific duties and responsibilities in the project. What is my role in the project? What is the nature of the project? What is the duration of the project? If you don’t ask questions, the interviewer may think that you are passive not active. And he may also think that you are not showing interest in the project and you are just interested in getting your job.

11.     Take out some time every day and relax your body and visualize the outcome of your interview results and the process to accomplish that goal.

Then your subconscious mind automatically takes care of it and then you believe that your mind is very powerful and stay cool and confident and enjoy the journey.

12.     Count your blessings everyday and thank GOD for them.

Always think about what is your strengths and always focus on them. If you don’t know your strengths, ask your spouse or a good friend.

13.     Ask this magic question to yourself all the time. “How can I do this interview in the best possible way?

Then you will get the right answers at the right time.

14.     Phone interview

should be taken with the same seriousness of a face to face interview. This is your 1st impression with your potential new employer and you should strive to make it the best one that you can.

15.    Prepare in advance.

Keep notes and your resume at hand. Research the company so you know about their business and their environment so you can be educated about what they do and how your skills and experience could be an asset to their company.

16.     Minimize distractions.

If you have scheduled a phone interview, plan to be in a quiet place, if the call was unexpected, ask to reschedule so that you are more prepared and in a focused environment.